The Music Thing…

Music… I like music… I like music that is music but most of the tunage today is a steam riddled pile of pig crap!

Let’s face it, rap music has seen much better days and gangsta rap is just the worst collection of pig crap of all times. These jerk offs can’t get past their own homosexual tendencies so that have to call their women ‘hoes’… what is that? These same persons that cry like babies for respect call their women ‘hoes’… tarsh is what trash does I guess…

Speaking of trash… check out “Lady’ Gaga… that thing needs to get her head un-stuck from her own crotch… more trash is what trash does… Katy Perry needs to learn how to spell… “California Gurls’??? Hey!!! The ‘valley gurl’ thing is over… ask Moon Unit… even she gets it… shheeesh!

Folk music was once good but now has gone down the intestine like so many other forms of music… That the hell ever happened to Tom Paxton?

Even as bad as the music I have mentioned so far… this Islamic crap is truly the crappiest of crappy crap, pig shit smelling crappy crap… May it just die!!! It sucks as much as the fuckin’ Islamic Nazi’s that produce it!!! die die die….

Blue grass music… arrrrghhh!!! the freekin’ grass has died and needs to be re-seeded!!!

Country… ??? City slicking country music… it’s just the worst… no excuses here…

The blues… Let me ask you… Just how many times can people record the same god damned tune??? It’s the same damned song over and over again… Learn a few new chords would you guys???!!!

Fussion jazz sucks too… If it wasn’t for Traditional jazz I wouldn’t have anything to listen to but even that is getting stale!

Oh well… back to playing my DEVO records…


About wesa666

Native American... Cherokee
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