Something Else… But Not Really…!!!

Another Saturday night… blech!

I’ma just gonna go nutz… lonely is as lonely does right? Well to that I say B***S***! Lonely is as lonely dies…
I’ma sitting here listening to tunes… Not new tunes of course because I hate what is being driven down to the testicals for tunes these days… At the moment… I’m listening to some 1950’s stuff… and not that crap you might hear on your local ‘oldies’ station… some good tunes… like ‘Real Wild Child’ by Ivan… or ‘Little Pet’ by the Teddy Bears… ‘Broken Heart’ by the Moonlighters… etc…

My wife died about two years ago and I am going nutz… we were married for 38 years… And damn you don’t feel sorry for me!!! I just can’t adjust to being alone… the nights are quite… my heart is broken and I don’t have my Muse anymore…

Sure she made me promise that I would continue in my music but hell… where is the inspiration? There is simply no Spirit inside of my heart any more… so what is left? The blues maybe? Crap to that!

I haven’t picked up my guitar in over… two years… I did play a bit when I was living in the rented room near the hospital but since she died… nothing… I haven’t even powered up my synth to do that stuff… There seems to be no reason to… When she died I died… I have been told I will get past it but As far as I can see… it ain’t a gonna happen… G-d knows I have tried…!

I am now going to try to donate some time to the local performing arts center… I pray that will get my mojo back and get me so I might be able to go about in public again but… I just don’t know…


About wesa666

Native American... Cherokee
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